Depot Store

Railroad Station Buildings, or Depots, were often the center of activity and communications for small-town America.

The promise of two ribbons of rail passing through town often meant boom or bust for any settlement. Historically, the railroad had a major impact on small-town life. From its telegraph office – news from beyond the limits of the were received. The station was a gathering place to receive and send off loved ones, most particularly military servicemen who departed to train for service, and the place to which those who paid the supreme sacrifice were received.

Poway Depot

Photo by: Michael Colin Campbell

Not only did the Depot provide communication and opportunities for personal mobility, but it also encouraged economic growth. For many people it symbolized progress, prosperity and the benefits of technology. Depots were the centers of rail activity, yet comparatively few remain to recall the importance of the railroad in nineteenth-century America.

The Poway-Midland Railroad Depot serves an iconic reminder of those days gone by. Step up to the desk and purchase a ticket for a grand-circle trip around Old Poway Park. Also in our depot you’ll find historic displays of railroadiana, including a working telegraph. In our “General Store” we feature Thomas the Tank Engine and Dinosaur Train products. We are currently expanding our product line.


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